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Brach Machine, Inc is now re-sleeving goosenecks for Techmire® machines.


Step 1

Your gooseneck is logged in and "de–zinced." It is then evaluated to identify any problems that would prevent the reuse of the gooseneck body.


** To minimize any additional charges, remove excess zinc, heaters, thermocouples, nozzles, etc.






Step 2

First, the retaining screws and sleeves are removed. Next, the bores are checked for size and geometery.


Finally, the metal passages are inspected and the gooseneck is prepared to receive new sleeves.







Step 3

After installation, the new sleeves are finish honed to ensure the proper geometry and clearance.


Brach Machine, Inc. uses high quality materials and prepares your gooseneck with great care, to ensure optimal performance.













Techmire® is a registered trademark of Techmire Ltd.


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