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Hot Chamber Parts

Resleeving Service



Brach Machine offers fast deliveries and competitive prices. We specialize in replacement parts for use in Techmire® and other miniature machines, as well as Gooseneck Noses, Nozzles, Plungers, and Plunger Rods for zinc and aluminum.


Our Products include:


For Zinc
(Hot Chamber)

Plungers (1 Pc)
Plunger Stems
Plunger Heads
Ejector Couplings
Gooseneck Resleeving
-up to 125 Ton

For Aluminum
(Cold Chamber)

Plunger Rods
Quick Change Couplings
Split Rings
Ejector Couplings
Shot Sleeve Adaptors

For Use in Techmire® Machines

Feeder Plungers
Security Plungers
Injection Plungers
Gooseneck re-sleeving
Tie Bars
Cast Iron Goosenecks
H-13 Goosenecks


 Deep Hole Drilling

We also specialize in Deep Hole drilling in aluminum, brass, steel, stainless steel, tool and mold steels, and high temperature alloys.


Our Drillmation Model 4960 Heavy Duty Gun Drill.


• 48" Stroke

• 1/4" - 1-1/2" dia. capacity

• Ball screw feed

• 15 HP Spindle

• Plain table fixture to drill rounds up to 4" diameter

You may email your gun drilling requirements for a prompt quotation to



 Cold Chamber Parts

Click on the image of the style of plunger rod you wish to order and a form will open in a new window. You may also click 'Download PDF Drawing' for a printable drawing of the Two Hole Plunger Rod. Fill in your specifications and fax it to us. All orders will be acknowledged within 48 hours.

One Hole Plunger Rod Two Hole Plunger Rod

One Hole Plunger Rod with Tube
Download PDF Drawing

Two Hole Plunger Rod
Download PDF Drawing

Shot Rods


 Brach Quick Change Coupling


An innovation of Brach Machine, the Brach Quick Change Coupling can save you hundreds of man-hours spent changing your shot rods. Ask us to send our Data Sheet or see your local representative for a demonstration.


Coupling Body with Anvil

How it works


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 Parts for use in Techmire® Machines

Call or e-mail us for pricing on the standard four-slide parts shown below.

Injection Plunger for NT ® Machines

Nozzles for NT ® Machines

Tie Bars for 66NT® Machines

Plunger Extensions

Security Plunger for NT® Machines

Gooseneck for NT® Machines

Gooseneck for H® Machines

Injection Plunger for H® Machines

Nozzle for H® Machines

Feeder Plunger for H® Machines

"Techmire", "NT", and "H" are registered trademark of Techmire Ltd.



 Hot Chamber Parts

Here are some examples of replacement parts for conventional Die Casting Machines. You may click 'Download PDF Drawing' for a printable drawing of the part. Email your specifications to All orders will be acknowledged within 48 hours.

Male / Male Nozzle

Male / Female Nozzle

Female Gooseneck Nose
Download PDF Drawing

Male Gooseneck Nose
Download PDF Drawing

Hot Chamber Plunger




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